This week I launched a Matchmaking Agency.
Was it terrifying? Yes Will it be worth it? Absolutely! How do I know?
because God is rooted in everything I’m doing.

How do I know that?
Because I feel the inner peace that hits me at my very core, the peace that gives me rest in his oasis admits the chaos, it floods my entire inner being with this overwhelming sense of peace yet on the outside and on the surface level it’s uncomfortable, it’s scary, it’s unknown.

I read something this week on an IG story that said “Often times he calls us into the unknown and far from our comfort zone… the centre of Gods will is dangerous and only the crazy go there”

And it’s true- being in the inner peace of God isn’t about staying in comfort zones, it’s about taking terrifying leaps and knowing that God is in the midst, it’s about feeling the fear but letting faith lead your steps. It’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyways because you know where God is going to take you is beyond where you could ever take yourself. It’s about letting go control and fully surrendering to the call.

And in that Miss Apples Matchmaking was born…

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