Vision | Goal Setting –
My friend sent me this Vision setting | goal building worksheet with Ink & Volt.
It’s suppose to be done around New Year, but what better time to be setting goals, reflecting on last year and feeling gratitude for the things to come.
Check it out:

Online Workouts or Start a Training Program –
There is so many sources of online workouts. I typically use Nike Training App because I am currently training for a marathon, but check out these guys on Instagram who have brought working out at home to a whole new light:

Start a Zoom Conference Call (Morning Prayer, Happy Hour Etc)
Regardless if it’s a tech happy hour or a morning prayer, help those to not feel so isolated during this time. I have started a morning gathering to encourage, share and prayer together on Mon, Wed, Fri at 12PM (EST)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Spring Cleaning-
I a OCD organized and clean daily so I unfortunately have nothing to clean, but I think there is no better time to start decluttering, clearing out un necessary stuff and really looking at all the things that you own and asking if “this really sparks joy”. If one person knows how to declutter it is me.

Day 1: Clean your bedroom (Go through closets in house, and ask if you really feel great in those clothes, if your answer is no then get rid of it, shoes that don’t fit or are overly worn toss or donate, go through jewellery collection, go through socks and underwear and get rid of anything with holes). Just remember what sits in your closet could help someone else. Wash all bedding, dirty laundry etc

Day 2: Clean your Kitchen and go through cupboards and get rid of any old tupperware without lids, throw out anything broken, donate canned goods that you never eat, and wipe out any cupboards with soap and water.

Day 3: Clean out any Storage Bins or Boxes you have in closets or back of rooms and get rid of anything that you don’t use, start to put things in places they belong so that they will be used. Have a designated photo box for any old photos or place them in new albums.

Day 4: Clean out your Living Room Board games that never get played can be donated, or puzzles with missing pieces, give away any candles that don’t get used. Get rid of any old blankets or throw pillows that have been worn down.  Wash any blankets

Day 5: Clean out all beauty products- anything you haven’t used in a year or more reevaluate. Do you need this to sit around for another year for nothing. Wash makeup brushes. Any beauty products you have received as gifts give them to someone who will actually use them.

Day 6: Clean out any Paper products. Go through old greeting cards, letters, notes, papers etc and ask do I need that? Transfer any information to a computer that you may need to keep.

Day 7: Clean out any office related spaces including your computer – Get rid of those unused cords lying around, throw out pens that do not work, dispose or donate old cellphones, clear out your computer of files and programs you don’t use. Go through and organize files, folders and photos by year and by category.

Start Reading a Book
I am currently reading The Bait of Satan by John Bevere
A few others I would recommend would be:
Woman who are thou loosed – TD Jakes
I am Number 8 – John Gray

Start Listening to a Podcast
A Few of My Current Faves:
Leadership Lean In – Pastor Chad Veach
Vous Church – Pastor Rich and DawnCherie Wilkerson
Transformation Church – Michael Todd

Get Outside
get outside and breathe, check in, look at nature and what is around you.

Learn Something New
Take a course with Udemy, Coursea, edX, teachable and many more ..

If you have any more idea’s of how you are using your at home time, comment below.


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