1.) Invest in it – If you don’t put money towards something, you probably won’t stay consistent to it. It is easy to say fitness classes are expensive, but where you invest your finances you invest your future. Are you spending money on Starbucks everyday, or cocktails out? or are you investing in your health and wellness? Re evaluate what is priority and if your fitness goals are, then invest in them.

2.) Find an accountability buddy- It’s easy to go astray if you have no one keeping you in check. Find someone with similar goals who is cheering you on. Be careful to find someone who will champion you in the journey rather than compete with you. 

3.) Find an activity that you enjoy- I used to try to go work out in the gym on my own and I would always dread it, than I would go for about 20 mins get bored and leave. I now take up boxing a few times a week, take spin and yoga classes often, and have tried so many fitness studios in the city. Yes it is more expensive, but I would rather invest in something I enjoy than something I dread. 

4.) Set Micro Goals- I know we are all striving towards the big goal, but it is easy to give up when you don’t see results, so set micro goals that you can check off along the way. 

5.) Reward Yourself- Take time to reward yourself, and preferably with something that doesn’t have calories added to it. When you hit those mirco goals take yourself to a movie, buy that new top and don’t forget to celebrate your wins! 

6.) Write down your goals or share them with a friend- It is easy to forget your goals, so write them down and even post them where you can see them. 

7.) Plan your workout in advance- I always start my week by planning my workouts for the week, it’s so easy to forget to schedule it in once you get busy with a million other things, but make it a priority. 

8.) Listen to your body- I am all about working out, but you also need to be flexible to adjust when you need to. Adjust when you are sick, hurt, injured or some times even when you are having a bad day. (but be honest with yourself, and accountable with your goals). 

9.) Work on your heart, not just your health- Sometimes there is a bigger issue than just working out and getting healthy, maybe something is blocking you internally that is putting barriers in front of your success. One problem that I had was a self image issue, I had to deal with it or no matter what my success looked like I never saw it nor appreciated it. 

10.) Set Big Goals- and FINALLY -make sure you have something you are working towards, something you can strive for and something to look forward too! 

How do you get back in the habit and routine of health and fitness once summer ends??