1.) When I was 21 I worked on a cruise ship  (Holland America’s Noordam)- I had to go to England for training for a month and then it travelled around the Mediterranean and on to the Caribbean. I met some of the best people from all around the world during that time.

2.) When I was 22 I created my own makeup line. I worked with a manufacturing company out of Florida and built it from the ground up. It was called Miss Apples Cosmetics and my Super-lash Mascara was a smashing hit. <- to this day I still have people message me asking if I can sell them some.

3.) When I was 22 + 24 I competed in both Miss BC + Miss World Canada pageants. I met a ton of incredible people and learned so much through the pageant world.

4.) I am originally from a very small town -> left as soon as I graduated high school, changed my name and never looked back.  that in itself I could write a whole book on

5.) My favourite set I ever worked on was the movie Big Eyes  (Tim Burton) -> getting to see Tim Burton in action was a dream-> he is a wee bit crazy but has such a brilliant creative mind. (If you look really hard you can find me in the trailer to this film)

Is there anything you want to know? Or is there something random I don’t know about you?